Since my background is quite eclectic, there are several services that I provide including: physical therapy, manual therapy, personal training/strength & conditioning, and athletic development coaching. These will be used as needed depending on an individual’s goals. There are no separate charges for different services, since to me, its all under the umbrella of getting someone to experience less pain, improved coordination and awareness of their body, greater mobility, strength, endurance, and greater expression of speed, agility, and power for those with more athletic pursuits. All this is delivered through the lens of a Doctor of Physical Therapy helping to manage one’s orthopedic & neuro-musculoskeletal issues.

Call me at 602-738-0562 or send an email to to inquire about rates and services.

Common Conditions Treated at RBFR

Cervical Pain
TMJ Pain
Thoracic Pain
Lower Back Pain
Shoulder Pain
Elbow & Wrist Pain
Post-Surgical Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Foot and Ankle Pain
Tendon Pain and Disorders
Movement Problems 
Balance Deficits/
Fall Prevention
​Joint Replacements

Continuing Education Courses

Therapeutic Strength Workshops: 1 and 2-day courses for clinicians (DC’s, PT’s, PTA’s, OT’s, ATC’s, LMT’s) including clinical regressions and progressions of key strength training exercises with bodyweight, kettlebells, barbells, etc.

21st Century Soft-Tissue Mobilization Workshops: 1 and 2 day courses for clinicians (DC’s, PT’s, PTA’s, OT’s, ATC’s, LMT’s) on the most evidence and science-based understanding and application of rationale manual and massage therapy.

Primal Speed Seminars: 1 and 2-day courses on athletic development with a focus on sustainable speed (sprinting), agility, and power development. .

For inquiry about any of these courses, please contact me at for more information